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SEYI’s Straight Side, Center Drive Press is designed for general stamping, blanking, punching, bending, forming, and drawing. It can be used for progressive, transfer, or manual die operations. Wide windows utilize the full width of the bolster for flexible operations. This press is also available with link motion.

Type of PressMechanical
Tonnage660 T
Bolster (LR)145.67"
Bolster (FB)61.02"
Shut Height34.25"
Min SPM20 strokes/min.
Max SPM40 spm
Ram (FB)61.02"
Ram (LR)145.67"
Slide Adjustment10"

METRIC: Inches SELECT TYPE OF PRESS: Mechanical Straight Side, OTHER, Link-Drive POINTS: 2 Tonnage: 660 Bolster (LR): 145.67 Bolster (FB): 61.02 Ram (LR): 145.67 Ram (FB): 61.02 Stroke: 14.17 Slide Adjustment: 10 Max. Die Height: 34.25 Min. SPM: 20 Max. SPM: 40 Bolster Thickness: 9.84 Additional Information: Other tonnage is available

Equipped With

FEATURES: Tie-rod structure for minimal deflection enhance machine durability. The SAG model has a center drive design and a 8-point gib guided slide SEYI Wet clutch with recirculating oil for less maintenance and longer clutch life. Wintriss WPC 2000 Clutch/Brake Control with SmartPAC Pro HMI. SmartPAC Pro uses a 12 inch touch screen with automation features as programmable cams, die protection, and 4-channel tonnage monitor. Other control packages are available upon request Hydraulic Overload Protection Easily integrate automation and accessory equipment SAG2 SERIES include presses from 330-1320 Tons

SAG2-660-S-5 - SEYI Press
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