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SEYI’s Straight Side, Dual Crank, Servo Press features the latest servo motor technology and a high rigidity frame to decrease deflection and improve part quality. The user friendly control system offers full control over the stroke profile to allow stampers to optimize the process for every applications, maximizing production and reducing operation costs.

Type of PressServo
Tonnage440 T
Bolster (LR)122.05"
Bolster (FB)55.12"
Shut Height30"
Min SPM1 strokes/min.
Max SPM50 spm
Ram (FB)55.12"
Ram (LR)122.05"
Slide Adjustment10"

METRIC: Inches SELECT TYPE OF PRESS: Servo Straight Side, Special Application, GAP/C-Frame, Link-Drive, OTHER Tonnage: 440 Bolster (LR): 122.05 Bolster (FB): 55.12 Ram (LR): 122.05 Ram (FB): 55.12 Stroke: 12 Slide Adjustment: 10 Max. Die Height: 30 Min. SPM: 1 Max. SPM: 50 Bolster Thickness: 7.09 Additional Information: Other tonnage is available.

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FEATURES: The main motor, flywheel, clutch and brake are replaced with a High Torque-Low RPM Servo motors. Direct Drive eliminates down-gearing, loss of tonnage (especially high in the stroke), belts + other parts typically associated with knuckle or link-type servo presses. Unique Servo Pressure Stabilizer system eliminates power surges and conserves energy through a series of capacitors that equalize power consumption + store unused energy. Tie-rod structure for minimal deflection. Eight-point gib slide guiding for improved accuracy and precision Electronic Overload Protection allows for immediate reaction - with automatic, programmable ram back-up 10.4" High Resolution Color Display 7 Programmed Profiles + Freeform Motion 200 Job memory storage 4 Channel tonnage monitor 8 Die protection sensor inputs 16 Programmable timing switches The SDG2 Series includes presses from 440-1320 tons

SDG2-440-H-3 - SEYI SERVO Press
Straight Side Presses