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Komatsu offers a complete line of straight side presses from 121 tons to 4000 tons, with slide connections from single point to multi-point and multi-side. Frame designs from solid, 1 piece unitized body to full tie rod construction, all with wide windows to utilize the full width of the bolster for maximum flexibility. Every Komatsu straight side press features a plunger guided slide for a guaranteed minimum 30% longer die life, “keyless” splined power shaft connections, hydraulic slide lock to eliminate slide “creeping”– causing die height changes in heavy blanking operations, and force-cooled hydraulic clutch & brake for virtually maintenance free operation and the highest single stroke rating in the industry. Press drives are available in eccentric or link motions, with precision helical gearing hardened and ground running in oil. Rounding out this press system is Komatsu’s own SIT-II press control with 100-job memory and “built-in” automation features as automatic single stroke operation mode, programmable die protection, 2-channel electronic load monitor, and interfaces for both light curtains and for coil line.

Long Description
Type of PressMechanical
Tonnage440 T
Bolster (LR)144"
Bolster (FB)61"
Shut Height36.2"
Min SPM20 strokes/min.
Max SPM40 spm
Ram (FB)61"
Ram (LR)144"
Slide Adjustment12.2"

METRIC: Inches SELECT TYPE OF PRESS: Mechanical Straight Side POINTS: 2 Tonnage: 400 Bolster (LR): 144 Bolster (FB): 61 Ram (LR): 144 Ram (FB): 61 Stroke: 16.1 Slide Adjustment: 12.2 Max. Die Height: 36.2 Min. SPM: 20 Max. SPM: 40 Column Opening / Window (FB): 63

Komatsu E2G400
Straight Side Presses