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With capacities from 39 to 220 tons, each Komatsu gap press comes with all the standard features you expect in a world-class press. Plunger guided slide guarantees a minimum 30% longer die life; a virtually maintenance free wet clutch and brake, “keyless”-splined eccentric main shafts; precision helical gearing hardened and ground running in oil. Rounding out this press system is Komatsu’s own SIT-IV press control with job memory and pre-designed expansion capability to add on-board automation options such as die protection and load monitors.

Long Description
Type of PressMechanical
Tonnage60 T
Bolster (LR)35.4"
Bolster (FB)21.7"
Shut Height11.8"
Min SPM75 spm
Max SPM150 strokes/min.
Power7.5 hp
Bed W15.7"
Bed L19.7"
Slide Adjustment2.8"

METRIC: Inches SELECT TYPE OF PRESS: Mechanical GAP/C-Frame POINTS: 1 Tonnage: 60 Bolster (LR): 35.4 Bolster (FB): 21.7 Ram (LR): 19.7 Ram (FB): 15.7 Stroke: 3.5 Slide Adjustment: 2.8 Max. Die Height: 11.8 Min. SPM: 75 Max. SPM: 150 Bolster Thickness: 5.1 Main Motor (KW): 7.5 hp Additional Information: Request a catalog for additional information

Equipped With

Optional Features Electronic Load Monitor (2-channel) Load monitors are available to continuously monitor loads in all press operations, including blanking, bending, drawing, etc. The monitor also detects die overloads and underloads during operation. In addition, balanced die load is achieved by measuring the off-center-load, thus extending press and die life. Emergency Stop Receptacle Die Cushions Vibration Isolation Pad Slide Knockout (mechanical) Quick Die Change Equipment Hydraulic die clamps available in either lever or cylinder type. Hydraulic die lifters. Mechanical draw out rails (note: re-machining of “T” slots may be required) Presence-Sensing Safety Devices Additional set of 4 Electronic Rotary Cams Air Ejector with Cam Adjustable Hydraulic Overload Quick Die Change Interface Coil Line Interface Increased Job Storage Memory

Komatsu OBS60 Gap/C-Frame Press

Illinois, United States
Komatsu OBS60 Gap/C-Frame Press
Gap Frame (OBS) Presses